Saturday, December 1, 2007

Remembering to Work

Ahhh, why is this line moving so slowly? A disturbed frown crosses my face, lines show themselves, setting into the deep grooves of my forehead, road marks of all my years of human annoyance. Okay, wait…remember to breathe…Damn, I wish they would get some more people to help this line move quicker!…Why is there only one person working at this busy post office? My eyes squint as I am further disturbed- the misery of waiting in line shows, my shoulders slouch, my mouth frowns, a multitude of human manifestations arise like a dam about to burst. Seconds of clarity attempt to intervene among my descending awareness- breathe…from inside, I hear myself say, "breathe... in... out". Like an echo in a stadium of roaring shouts, I can barely hear the soft whisper… "stay calm, breathe with attention…this experience is a gift, a chance to use this energy. This is an opportunity to work…breathe, feel your body."
In moments of stress, the impatience or annoyance is really my energy run amok. It has escaped my control and reverted back to old machine habits- negative manifestations of pure energy. These are the moments to WORK, this is the time to grasp the small voice…triggering the memory, taking action, WORKING.

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