Thursday, November 15, 2007

Timeless Author

"…the dominant notion is that everything is the work of one single author. Books are rarely signed. The concept of plagiarism does not exist; it has been established that all books are the work of one single writer, who is timeless and anonymous."
Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius by Jorge Luis Borges

This text reflects the literary vision and philosophy of Tlon, an intricate and highly developed universe still unknown to most people. The reality in our immediate perception is based on ownership- property, cars, inventions…photographs, books, some companies are even attempting to patent genes and certain strands of DNA. It is the cult of the individual that pervades, pushed by our ego that knows no bounds, requiring constant recognition and flattery.
In the US, there are severe legal consequences for plagiarism and artistic duplication without monetary compensation. Raw creativity, once brought into existence, transformed into a perceptible reality of matter from its indefinable source; whether it is a painting, sculpture, piece of literature or otherwise... once materialized, it is immediately owned.
The piece no longer exists in its own right, a creative gift, expression, or memory; it is now "property" owned by the creator.
But can these material memories, the tangible evidence of energy that pulsed and moved through a human body- can these expressions really be "owned."? The artistic expression is merely evidence that something moved through- but what is it? What exists inside this human machine that compels us to write or paint? Is it not the same impulse in everyone with a creative urge to turn energy into matter and matter into energy? Does this come from the same place?
…a timeless, nameless entity…alive and transforming, moving the hands that create.

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