Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bringing the Attention Back

Attention moves like an accelerated moon, waxing and waning by the second.
With a lot of time and practice, it can be controlled and held for long periods of time.
This developed controlled attention can be placed on a person, activity, or experiment without the machine slipping into other thoughts, worries, or ideas.
But attention is never a constant- it is a flow that shifts and moves.
Just as all of the cosmos are ever changing, wakefulness and attention are never achieved and maintained continuously- nothing in this infinite grandness is stagnant or final.
States of consciousness move like storms or sweet kisses that come to a close.
This is simply the way of nature, attention and focus will drift, and it is our work to bring it back to the moment.
It’s here… it’s gone, thinking about blueberry pancakes…bring it back to the moment, put attention on each bodily movement, yes, yes….
And it’s off somewhere else…when you realize it, bring it back.
Repeat this process until your last breath.

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