Monday, February 11, 2008


Her machine likes to argue, especially the small points.
The smaller the issue, the bigger her opposition. Be it the main course for dinner, the shortest driving route, or the best way to label a folder, she will argue whoever is in front of her. Arguing is such an entrenched habit that she argues inside herself- creating constant indecision and lack of clarity.
Up until a couple months ago, she never even knew she had this habit. Completely blind to her plague, she thought of herself as independent and easy going.
Blind to her personal demons, she was often offended by argumentative and controlling people. Using rationality as an excuse, she constantly defends her ideas and arguments, her tricky machine justifies itself, "I know better, this way just makes more sense."
Now, having been alerted to her habits by a compassionate teacher, she often catches herself in an argumentative discussion. Sometimes she realizes her manifested habit minutes after being spoken, but most often, her habit slips by her consciousness, her attention never grasping what has transpired.

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