Saturday, January 26, 2008


There is a beautiful collaboration in progress.
It shifts from hour to day, from spring to winter. An extreme work in progress, the challenge of the garden is divided among many forces, hands and critters.
As with all group work, we move and create as one being. The garden is our body, our manifestation. The sun works simultaneously with the vegetation, the rain collaborates with the flowers and earth . Many plump worms till the soil, creating open spaces for roots to dive. Visiting birds spread seeds with their partners, the bees. A jasmine curtain along the western fence perfumes the air and fills our senses with delight. Human hands structure the plots of earth, giving shape and maintaining a sense of order, while cats visit for the psychedelic foliage, planted for their benefit. Singing birds come to eat and bathe, casting their melodies freely.
In an obvious way, the garden is one thing, one unit. But it is also a huge cosmic collection- a manifestation of many, many elements- human, animal, and energetic.
No specific piece could work and function to its fullest potential without the effects and efforts of the other parts.
Every group is made of elements-working together to create a living and vibrating whole.

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