Saturday, January 12, 2008


The world requires lies.
In our complex web of human societies, taboos, and customs, many children are raised tactful and gracious. Whether it’s complimenting the cook despite a foul meal or sparing your best friend’s feelings, we learn to tap dance around the truth. We learn to tell half lies or distortions on fact.
These are the honesf skills of high priced lawyers. They are the careful manipulation of statement, the delicate construction of jargon. For most humans, this is an essential skill for navigating the labyrinth.
Sometimes it is necessary to lie, but, they must be conscious lies.
You must KNOW you are lying.
Without consciousness, we lie to ourselves, we easily begin to believe our own stories and our twisted version of what happened. The machine will debate and rationalize the emotions, thoughts and any situation til we come up with a plan that serves its own self interest.
In this game, it is ideal to understand and see the machine’s intentions and motives- these will attempt to shape our words and actions. They come quickly, mostly out of habit. Sometimes the initial impulse to lie is hidden 12 steps back.
The machine will convince itself there is no harm in its desires or actions, and perhaps there is not; but watch for the habit. Are we lying with all our conscious attention, or are we just lying to ourselves?

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