Wednesday, January 23, 2008


My little cold hands snip the overgrown jasmine branches. Purple-gloved fingers, covered in the fine sediment of earth, pat into place freshly planted succulents.
The sun has not yet lifted itself above the house and thousands of petals hold droplets of moisture like sweet offerings to the gods.
Each morning we leave our gifts as well, a small gesture that sparks the sacred.
Quiet rituals speak to the greater elements, and I remember my place.
We invite them in. This is a space for them, for the unseen, for the small, for the waves and wind.

We have created this for you.
Subtly colored and resonating.
Magnetic fields and solar blips. Treasured like a ruby secret, the energy of the garden spirals upward, leaving streaks of green and white.
Alien structures sit among mountains and valleys.
Sage perfumes the air while the singsong of small birds provide the acoustics.
This is for you.
We maintain it as a gift for forces that can only be felt with an open heart.
The beautiful space is our invitation- where there may be war and love, rest or play.
This effort is for you.

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