Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Secret River

It all comes from a different place. Not the little thoughts that wander through like children on the floor of your mind. It cannot even be understood by the mind that thinks it knows what it is. It all comes from a different place. How strange it is to even hold that inside for a second. They are little black ribbons, nearly impossible to grab. How can you? You need the mind, the very thing you do not possess. It is a secret river that moves deeper than bones and fiber, deeper even than memories and hopes. It is what moves those limbs. It is what laughs. What eats. What quests. It moves without your consent, but more than that, it moves without your knowledge. You are the earth on which it flows. The soil over which it meanders, but you cannot feel its chill. Cannot even see its desire. It moves you with an invisible blindfold tied around your face. The knots are tight, so tight. The actions you have taken, nearly since birth, have been derived like drops from this river. Movement does not come from hopes or thoughts, does not come from learning or training. All comes from the secret river. All comes from a place we might never see. Can the journey inwards begin from a small canoe? Straight back through the center of an eyeball and then down, oh so far down. Once in, can it ever emerge? Or does the sight of the real puppet master frighten the last breath out of any witness?
It is the entrenched machinery. The habits that function to keep a machine locked in place, grinding and moving at sixty miles an hour, gears squeaking. There is a great river inside that moves and turns, it flows icy cold and then turns to steam and into screams and curses. The current of the machine, moving without words. You are its host. You are it. Every laugh and jump. Every read book, every orgasm of delight. Every friend, every kiss, every walk in the park. And if you really understood, would you be nodding in agreement, or convulsing naked on the ground, drool at your mouth? If you actually understood this? Would you be standing on the edge of a great cliff, looking down into the abyss with tears and laughter that rocked the tepid skies? It is too great to understand. Too big and black. It does not come from you.
What are you? Nothing comes through, if it is not the river’s desire. You are in so deep that you cannot see the trees. You cannot really see a face in the mirror. You have never known anything at all.

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